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Aripa noua incategoria EN-A

Muscat-3 este ultimul proiect de la Sky Country in categoria En A. Noua parapanta are control moale si delicat dar de asemenea la fel de mare pentru clasa in care se afla si abilitatea de manevrare, ceea ce face ca acest model sa fie interesant atat pentru zboruri de scoala cat si pentru piloti ce au deja experienta de zbor. Datorita celei mai noi tehnologii implementate am reusit sa atingem caracteristici de zbor neasteptate. Muscat-3 zboara la fel de bine ca generatiile trecute ale parapantei Discovery.

Special design aspects

Muscat-3 has a new airfoil and upgraded line system. The technology of panel shape calculation FitCut helps to minimize folds number and receive an ideally flat aerodynamic surface of the leading edge, what improves the wing flotation dramatically. airSCoop helps to optimize pressure inside the canopy on differen tangles of attack. The new airscoop design with one plastic rod instead of two has allowed simplify the paraglider design and lessen its final cost.


For Muscat-3 we use the same materials as for other our models, these are:NCV Skytex fabric, covered Liros lines for maximal service life, comfortable soft 20 mm wide webbing for risers, Maillon Rapide connectors.

Safety & Certification

Muscat-3 in sizes S, M and L is En A certified.


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